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Last Monday night I was guest lecturing for a class at the University of Minnesota about nonprofit branding and was completely (and happily) upstaged by the guest who followed me from the American Refugee Committee. She shared their remarkable I AM A STAR FOR SOMALIA campaign created by IDEO. This is an amazing example of […]

The following video is an excerpt of our recent webinar — Building a Strategic Board — presented by Creation In Common’s lead consultant Carlo Cuesta. We will be doing this webinar again on January 15, 2013. Go here for more information. Please don’t miss, Creation In Common’s next webinar — Defining the Nonprofit Brand  on […]

In preparation for Creation In Common’s upcoming webinar — Building a Strategic Board (October 18), I have been thinking about how nonprofit strategy means different things to different people within the organization. The last few months, I have spent just as much time in the board room with trustees as I have in the office with […]

Defining the Nonprofit Brand Webinar

POSTED ON October 4, 2012

I want to thank everyone who attended the October 3, 2012 webinar — Defining the Nonprofit Brand. Please follow this link to the slides. Also, if you are interested in learning more about our free Nonprofit Branding Needs Assessment, please go here. If you were unable to join us, we will be doing this webinar […]

What I like about blogging is that you can write a post and the folks at the Nonprofit Quarterly take notice and want to publish it on their site. So you go ahead and rewrite it. Voila! New version of your post, written better with a much better title. Still focused on how the Board […]

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