Last Monday night I was guest lecturing for a class at the University of Minnesota about nonprofit branding and was completely (and happily) upstaged by the guest who followed me from the American Refugee Committee.

She shared their remarkable I AM A STAR FOR SOMALIA campaign created by IDEO. This is an amazing example of how effective branding can bring the cause to the forefront.

Here is what I think are some of the major learnings from this campaign.

  • They focus on how the viewer can affect change. Creating fun and engaging opportunities for people to create an impact.
  • It’s positive. This campaign accentuates the assets of the viewer and the people of Somalia.
  • It seeks to reframe Somalia. It strives to move audiences beyond deeply held stereotypes.
  • They are promoting the cause, not the organization… and in doing so, introducing more and more people to the important work of the American Refugee Committee.
  • They raise a big idea (“Together we all shine brighter… in solidarity with Somali communities worldwide”) and make it tangible through their branding strategy.

Watch the video and let me know if you agree. Better yet, go to theirĀ Facebook page and get involved.