We have the right capabilities to amplify your impact.

Whether it’s your team, organization, or community reaching for the next level, we customize our approach to unlock creativity, develop a shared direction, navigate change, and build capacity. Contact us today to learn more and take your work to the next level.

Community Engagement

  • Stakeholder Asset Mapping
  • Centering Lived Experience
  • Collaboration Formation
  • Collective Impact
  • Meeting Facilitation

Research & Evaluation

  • Landscape Assessments
  • Environmental Scans
  • Retrospective Evaluation
  • Developmental Evaluation 
  • Customized Qualitative & Quantitative Research

Strategic Planning

  • Organizational Strategic Plans
  • Business Plans
  • Mission, Vision, and Values Development
  • Philanthropic Investment & Giving Design
  • Program Design and Implementation

Organizational Development

  • Organizational Health Assessment
  • Change Management
  • Board & Staff Capacity Building
  • Strategic Communications
  • Project Management

Coaching & Training

  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Team Coaching
  • Manager and Supervisor Training
  • Board Development Training
  • Board Fundraising Training


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