We are your strategic collaborators.

Creativity Catalysts

We unlock your best ideas, release old assumptions, and find the AHA! moments.

Community Connectors

We bring diverse voices together and guide you through the process of creative collaboration.

Change Navigators

We help you navigate the inevitable changes in your team, organization, and community as you work toward transformation.

Capability Builders

We help you and your community build new capabilities that grow impact.

We are mission driven.

Our mission is to strengthen communities through shared creativity.

We strive to achieve our mission by living our values each day, within our own team and with our clients.

See Strengths First

  • Give people the opportunity to share their strengths in their way
  • Make abundance possible by harnessing everyone’s strengths
  • Embrace strengths over power

Make Inclusion a Priority

  • Center people and communities we work with so they shape the strategy and services that impact their future
  • Create environments that are welcoming, safe, and engage people to contribute in the ways that best represent who they are
  • Never make someone feel “othered”

Share Stories that Transform

  • Be accurate with our facts and creative in our storytelling
  • Actively seek out stories that rarely get heard
  • Amplify people’s voices through their own unique stories

Co-Create Through Every Interaction

  • Creative collaboration among our whole team
  • Celebrate clients and key stakeholders creativity
  • Create environments and situations where people feel fully engaged to develop solutions that impact their lives

We Are Colleagues

  • Always support each other and invest in our team
  • Match care for the team with achieving greater impact for our clients
  • Engage each other not by title or role, but as a partner and colleague