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In our second installment of Shared Creativity Stories, Hal Cropp, Executive Director of Commonweal Theatre Company, speaks to the importance of communication and transparency with all of their stakeholders. This has had a significant impact on keeping their ensemble together and elevating their ability to strengthen community during this difficult time. Since 2004, Creation In […]

The Adaptive Strategy Map is part of our Moving Beyond This Crisis series. Go here to view more resources and download the map packet. On April 21, twenty nonprofit leaders joined us online to learn more about the Adaptive Strategy Map crafted by Creation In Common. The map is a simple tool to help organizations […]

This is the fourth post in our series Moving Beyond This Crisis. Go here to read about the Adaptive Strategy Map. By Carlo M. Cuesta When we experience scarcity we begin to tunnel— hunker down and get hyper focused on how to solve the immediate problem before us. This might work fine when cramming for […]

Go here to download our free Adaptive Strategy Map packet. On April 21 and 23, we are offering a webinar on how to make use of the map. Please go here for more information. Through our connections with nonprofit leaders across the country, we recognize how hard it is to move beyond this crisis. Community […]

Now is the Becoming

POSTED ON April 12, 2020

This is the second post in our series Moving Beyond This Crisis. Go here to read the first — Hope Is At Our Front Door.  By Carlo M. Cuesta Meena Natarajan and Dipankar Mukhergee, who lead Pangea World Theater, embraced the moment and consciously took a pause. Even though they had to shorten the run […]

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