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Anyone who has ever had to write a bio will likely agree: writing about yourself can be hard. The same is true for nonprofit organizations. And yet an organizational history is very useful for writing grants, for onboarding new staff and board members, and for educating volunteers about your company. So how do you get […]

The North 4 Program at Emerge

POSTED ON May 13, 2021

A familiar refrain at the start of the pandemic was that COVID was a “great equalizer”; that we were all in the same boat. It quickly became apparent that this was not true — we’re all in the same storm, but not the same boat. And while some of our boats are sailboats, or even […]

Welcome Lindsey and Congrats Bryn

POSTED ON January 18, 2021

Creation In Common is excited to announce the addition of Lindsey Burdick to our team. Lindsey joins us as our new project associate and will oversee client coordination and scheduling as well as serve as a co-facilitator on specific team projects.  Before joining Creation In Common, Lindsey served as a science educator and curriculum writer […]

In our second installment of Shared Creativity Stories, Hal Cropp, Executive Director of Commonweal Theatre Company, speaks to the importance of communication and transparency with all of their stakeholders. This has had a significant impact on keeping their ensemble together and elevating their ability to strengthen community during this difficult time. Since 2004, Creation In […]