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This is the fourth post in our series Moving Beyond This Crisis. Go here to read about the Adaptive Strategy Map. By Carlo M. Cuesta When we experience scarcity we begin to tunnel— hunker down and get hyper focused on how to solve the immediate problem before us. This might work fine when cramming for […]

Hope Is At Our Front Door

POSTED ON April 4, 2020

This post is part of our Moving Beyond the Crisis series. By Carlo M. Cuesta In the middle of the night my cousin Michele posted on Facebook how she was having another sleepless night. Out of the darkness came a soft and kind reply from our friend, Donna, who we both grew up with. She […]

By Carlo M. Cuesta Early in my career I was a theater director. My approach was to be as collaborative as possible while still conveying my vision about the play. I had a picture in my mind’s eye of how it would all go, like a film running inside my head. My job, as director, […]

How do we ask a community what it needs? By recognizing our individual assumptions and biases as well as letting go of what we think are the answers. We need to bring ourselves and our… Respect for each individual’s experience Recognition of strengths and assets Empathy for struggles and triumphs Awareness of differing power dynamics […]