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Nonprofit branding is more than a name or a slick tag line. In the November 29, 2012 edition of The Chronicle of Philanthropy there was an article about how a chapter of Gilda’s Club changed its name to the Cancer Support Community Southwest Wisconsin. The executive director’s rationale was that more and more young people were born […]

  Here is an essential resource for anyone embarking on nonprofit branding. This brief (6:30 mins.) on-demand webinar covers three steps to effectively brand your nonprofit collaboratively. Steps include: Step One – Assembling your stakeholder taskforce Step Two – Understanding stakeholder perception Step Three – Defining your brand pillars Please share with your fellow staff […]

Every Board Member Has a Story

POSTED ON November 9, 2012

When I do my storytelling workshops with a board of directors, many members for the first time discover that they have something to say on the organization’s behalf. There is no magic wand I wave, I just help them collect their thoughts rather than memorize a message. I believe every board member has a story […]

At some point during a board meeting, a member says… “we need an elevator speech” or “we need to do a better job communicating who we are” or better yet “what is our brand?” Our response might be to write something down for them or report on our marketing plan. Somehow this becomes an exercise […]

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