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About 14 years ago, I was invited to participate in a nonprofit leadership retreat on the grounds of an animal preserve. In fact, they told us not to go out walking after dark because you could end up face to face with an animal you might not want to be face to face with. Driving […]

Board Engagement — How to Enhance It

POSTED ON January 27, 2013

  —- Additional Resource: Engage Your Board in the Fundraising Effort —- A few years ago, I was working with Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners on their strategic plan and I learned a very important lesson about board engagement. During one of our first meetings, it became clear that members of their board had identified […]

Six months into my job as executive director of the Playwrights Center, I took my board President out to breakfast. I needed more help. We were overwhelmed as an organization, facing significant financial issues and I did not feel that she and many others on the board had my back. The meeting did not go […]

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