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  Recently, I broke a shoelace. I pulled the unbroken lace out of my other shoe and took a quick look at it to estimate its length. The lace looked like it was 16 to 18-inches long. That’s when I stopped myself. I knew my mind had played a trick on me. In the past, […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector“Technology turns an age-old concept into an exciting new strategy for encouraging better behavior.” Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: “Used in organizations or communities, they can help groups work together to take on more daunting challenges. In short, the feedback loop is an age-old strategy revitalized by […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector “Creating Culture: Promising Practices of Successful Movement Networks The Nonprofit Quarterly They can deploy a diverse array of assets and strategies, enabling advocates to amass political power, scale up impact, and win—both in the policy arena…”   Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: Fantastic article with great […]

  I have launched a new Scoop.It site curating the topic… Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector. Here you will find recent news, articles, resources and examples of how different communities are innovating in the area of collaboration and collective action. To date, I have posted stories talking about… why nonprofit storytelling won’t be […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: This has some great resources. I particularly like the Grantmakers for Effective Organization’s report on Working Better Together – Building Nonprofit Collaborative Capacity See on

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