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  By Carlo M. Cuesta Most board members and volunteers have an unhealthy relationship to fundraising. They often place it within the context of having or not having enough power (personal wealth, connections, and influence). “Do I know enough wealthy people?” “Can I really get this person to give?” “How will it change our relationship?” […]

By Hal Cropp   For many years, I experienced what I’m sure is a phenomenon that many Executive Directors of small nonprofits have encountered – a lack of focus when it came time for the Board to address its responsibilities for fundraising. You know the symptoms – grab bags of ideas that may or may […]

Raise Together

POSTED ON August 21, 2017

Do your board and volunteers run and hide when you bring up fundraising? Do they get squeamish about asking for money? Or, do they want to help but don’t know how?   Raise Together can help!   Raise Together will transform your board and volunteers into an effective fundraising team. Raise Together is an assessment […]

What is the Virtual Insight Panel? The Virtual Insight Panel is bringing together a wide-ranging group of Minnesotans who will volunteer to shape and inform communications and programs for people with disabilities. The panel was created and is managed by Disability Hub MN in partnership with the Department of Human Services.   What are the […]

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