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Creation In Common is assisting our colleagues at Pangea World Theater in their search for a Development Director. About Pangea World Theater: Founded in 1995 by Dipankar Mukherjee and Meena Natarajan, Pangea World Theater’s mission is to build a just world by creating multi-disciplinary theater that embodies decolonizing practices of solidarity, sustainability, and equity. With […]

Meet Kallie!

POSTED ON November 1, 2022

We’re happy to introduce our project associate, Kallie Akinola, who joined us in July! Kallie onboards new clients and manages the schedules and deliverables for each of our projects, then analyzes our workload across the entire client portfolio and helps us set goals for each project. Kallie also serves as a co-facilitator for some projects, assisting […]

The Creation in Common team embraces positive, strengths-based concepts like Appreciative Inquiry. That’s why Project Associate Laura Venhaus has been compiling a community-building bibliography of models and resources to inform our work. Appreciative Inquiry is an assets-based approach to organizational or community development. A core belief of the approach is that positive questions lead to positive change. So […]

Twenty years ago, when Managing Partner Carlo Cuesta and graphic designer Mary Brozic came together to develop the Creation in Common logo, we didn’t know exactly where our company would end up. But we knew what we wanted to do: Help people lead and create together. Although our branding has slightly shifted slightly since we developed […]

Center for Craft in Asheville, NC fosters new ideas in the field of craft while backing the next generation of makers, curators, and scholars. In October of 2021, they brought together more than a dozen multidisciplinary thought leaders for “Craft Can,” a three-day virtual think tank and visioning process. Creation in Common helped Center for Craft plan […]

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