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The Fundraising Nightmare

POSTED ON March 5, 2015

The fundraising nightmare goes something like this: I pick up my phone and call a friend to ask her if she would like to meet with me. When she asks… “what do you want to meet about?” I get nervous and don’t know what to say… I stall trying to come up with the right […]

How to Succeed When Collaborating

POSTED ON February 13, 2015

By Carlo M. Cuesta At Creation In Common, we spend much of our time facilitating collaborations with organizational leaders and have learned a great deal from individuals who have mastered the art of teaming with other creative people. Here are a few major take aways: 1. Great collaborators are always bringing more oxygen into the […]

Creating Stone Soup

POSTED ON February 4, 2015

By Anne Jin Soo Preston As Carlo and I have been exploring what makes a successful collaboration, I was reminded of the story of stone soup.  I decided to look up the story to refresh my memory and never realized there were so many versions that spanned from not only a cultural perspective, but also different situations including […]

By Carlo M. Cuesta The first trip I ever made to Minnesota was in 1980 just before the Winter Olympic Games. My dad was directing a television commercial for Kirin Beer (the official beer of the US Olympic Team… go figure) and they needed a snowy lake to film a speed skater practicing. Lake Placid didn’t […]

By Carlo Cuesta   Dear Fellow Undead Board Member: A flesh-eating zombie doesn’t know any better, its does what other zombies do—it eats people. As an undead board member, I don’t know any better either. I listen and react, I approve budgets I know very little about, help set the occasional policy, and volunteer where […]

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