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Find the Guardian Angel on Your Board

POSTED ON October 21, 2013

When searching for a high school for my daughter, my wife and I found a small charter school that we thought she would thrive in. Bella has some particular needs and we felt that the intimate, one-on-one environment would be a great fit. We quickly discovered that she had a different plan, and wanted to […]

About 14 years ago, I was invited to participate in a nonprofit leadership retreat on the grounds of an animal preserve. In fact, they told us not to go out walking after dark because you could end up face to face with an animal you might not want to be face to face with. Driving […]

The following video is an excerpt of our recent webinar — Building a Strategic Board — presented by Creation In Common’s lead consultant Carlo Cuesta. We will be doing this webinar again on January 15, 2013. Go here for more information. Please don’t miss, Creation In Common’s next webinar — Defining the Nonprofit Brand  on […]

In preparation for Creation In Common’s upcoming webinar — Building a Strategic Board (October 18), I have been thinking about how nonprofit strategy means different things to different people within the organization. The last few months, I have spent just as much time in the board room with trustees as I have in the office with […]

Last June, the University of Virginia’s governing body, called the “Board of Visitors,” made an unexpected move. They asked University President Teresa Sullivan to step down. By the end of the month, the Board stunningly reversed its decision. What happened in between her firing and re-hiring is another great example of the tension between closely-held […]

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