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  By Carlo M. Cuesta Most board members and volunteers have an unhealthy relationship to fundraising. They often place it within the context of having or not having enough power (personal wealth, connections, and influence). “Do I know enough wealthy people?” “Can I really get this person to give?” “How will it change our relationship?” […]

“This will be the most unorthodox development committee meeting you have ever attended” promised Tom, the committee chair. Admittedly, I was skeptical, yet the energy in the room was palpable as more and more committee members stuffed themselves into the tiny, clown-car-like space, where we were meeting. While the need for the organization’s services had […]

Board Engagement — How to Enhance It

POSTED ON January 27, 2013

  —- Additional Resource: Engage Your Board in the Fundraising Effort —- A few years ago, I was working with Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners on their strategic plan and I learned a very important lesson about board engagement. During one of our first meetings, it became clear that members of their board had identified […]

What I like about blogging is that you can write a post and the folks at the Nonprofit Quarterly take notice and want to publish it on their site. So you go ahead and rewrite it. Voila! New version of your post, written better with a much better title. Still focused on how the Board […]

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