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This webinar was originally broadcast on November 19, 2013. In it, we cover an approach to board fundraising training that identifies three basic steps organization’s can take. Here is the webinars full description: Key to diversifying your organization’s base of support is motivating your Board of Directors to play an active role in raising money. […]

“This will be the most unorthodox development committee meeting you have ever attended” promised Tom, the committee chair. Admittedly, I was skeptical, yet the energy in the room was palpable as more and more committee members stuffed themselves into the tiny, clown-car-like space, where we were meeting. While the need for the organization’s services had […]

Six months into my job as executive director of the Playwrights Center, I took my board President out to breakfast. I needed more help. We were overwhelmed as an organization, facing significant financial issues and I did not feel that she and many others on the board had my back. The meeting did not go […]

The following video is an excerpt of our recent webinar — Building a Strategic Board — presented by Creation In Common’s lead consultant Carlo Cuesta. We will be doing this webinar again on January 15, 2013. Go here for more information. Please don’t miss, Creation In Common’s next webinar — Defining the Nonprofit Brand  on […]

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