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Six months into my job as executive director of the Playwrights Center, I took my board President out to breakfast. I needed more help. We were overwhelmed as an organization, facing significant financial issues and I did not feel that she and many others on the board had my back. The meeting did not go […]

In preparation for Creation In Common’s upcoming webinar — Building a Strategic Board (October 18), I have been thinking about how nonprofit strategy means different things to different people within the organization. The last few months, I have spent just as much time in the board room with trustees as I have in the office with […]

You want to help your board members to engage around building influence and inspiring commitment for your organization? At your next board retreat, focus the conversation around these three key elements: The shared passion the everyone on the board holds for the people you serve and the needs in the community you meet. What are […]

I was sitting in a board meeting this evening asking myself this question and at the same time my brain went click. Off it went. I just nodded my head for the rest of the meeting wondering if I had drool coming out of the side of my mouth. I know there is no such […]