As advisors to superheros, we take great pride in working with our clients and highlighting their amazing work. This superhero spotlight is about the The Minnesota Board on Aging.

What makes their team superheroes?
The Minnesota Board on Aging, its staff and its close working local partners – the Area Agencies on Aging don’t think of themselves as superheros – just people working hard for the citizens!

The board’s mission is to be an advocate, advisor and administer the federal Older Americans Act on behalf of older Minnesotans of the over 1.72 million older Minnesotans who are 60+ and their caregivers.  The staff work hard every day to promote and provide choice for older Minnesotans and their caregivers by supporting the Senior LinkAge Line® which takes over 270,000 calls a year at its six call centers throughout the state. Through the Senior LinkAge Line® and® a web site that has over 45,000 service listings for Minnesotans, as well as advocacy at the State level, Board staff has a hand in the administration of many programs and policies that effect seniors and their caregivers.

What are their Superpowers?
In their humble opinion, their superpowers are about providing many people with a lot of real help at the right time and right place – they also strive to help people immediately but definitely strive to handle an issue if at all possible within one business day!

They do this through the:

  • Senior LinkAge Line® &® – Providing objective information to assist individuals and families in their decision making process
  • State Health Insurance Program through the Senior LinkAge Line® line at 800-333-2433 – Assisting with Medicare plan comparisons and enrollment
  • Return to Community through the Senior LinkAge Line® – Connecting people with the supports they need in order to move back home
  • Ombudsman for Long Term Care – Advocating on behalf of older adults and caregivers
  • Live Well at Home – Older Americans Act services

How are they “saving the world”?
Their efforts are focused on improving the lives of older Minnesotans and their families. They work hard to make sure seniors and caregivers get objective information in order to age well and live well; financially, physically and socially.   Over the years, they have improved the lives of people who really needed help through the Senior LinkAge Line®, the Older Americans Act services they provide and the Ombudsman for Older Minnesotans.

How has Creation In Common been a Trusty Side CIC to The Minnesota Board on Aging?
Creation In Common has been helping with gathering input and listening to the voices of people who use their services for the following:

  •® redesign which included the implementation of new Home and Community Services Finders and Report Card
  • A new website to connect consumers and support workers