I. When our consciousness enters, space is permanently altered.

This happens when an actor crosses the stage, the writer puts pen to paper, or the composer strikes a cord. This also happens when the scientist makes a connection, the businessperson observes a trend, or the software engineer twists some code. What once was is no longer, the way we perceive the world begins to shift, and, if the action taken is potent enough, humanity is altered. This is the power of creativity, the ability to extend our consciousness into spaces, altering it forever. We cannot avoid this; it is part of who we are.


II. When we use our candle to light another, our flame burns brighter.

The creative impulse is contagious. One person’s fleeting thought becomes another person’s “aha.” The way the light refracts through a piece of elegantly designed stained glass, inspires a painter to alter their palette. An engineer sees a solution in their child’s doddles. A teacher’s interpretation of Huckleberry Finn, unlocks the student’s imagination. We are inspired by each other’s creativity. We must recognize this and harness what it has to offer. Look for it. Be open to it. Put ourselves in places where we can give this gift as well as receive it.


III. When she sings, we should sing with her.

“Yes, and…” are the two most powerful words in the English language—we add to what is possible. Something greater than us can now emerge. Overcome our own sense of isolation and give voice to what two or minds can do together. We bring the best of ourselves with us and share openly, unyieldingly, giving all that we have to offer. Sing out. Sing out. Raising our voices together.  We build and strengthen our generous spirit, knowing full well we sound better together than apart.


IV. When we listen together, we hear one heart beat.

The chorus harmonizes… When we listen together we find our way together. Through the din of so many voices, so many points of view, we must allow silence to emerge. Deep in our hearts we listen together for the way forward. Allowing our instincts to guide us. Letting go of what holds us back as individuals and merging our passions, seeking and making connections. Forging bonds where they did not exist before, making choices and trusting in what the future will hold.