We’re delighted to announce that our project associate, Lindsey Burdick, was recently promoted to senior associate project manager! Lindsey’s interest in project management grew last October when she took the reins on a project to cover for a colleague on personal leave. That success led to other leadership opportunities and eventually to her promotion. 

Carlo Cuesta, Creation in Common founder and managing partner, praised Lindsey’s work. “Lindsey has brought amazing planning and facilitation skills to our team. Her meeting design for Center for Craft’s 2021 interdisciplinary Think Tank was outstanding. In her new role she has taken on the lead facilitator role for strategic planning projects with Daily Work, the Art Jewelry Forum, and ARRM. Our whole team is excited to support her in these new endeavors.” 

Before joining Creation in Common in the fall of 2020, Lindsey spent nine years as a middle and high school science teacher. During that time she served as a diversity equity and inclusion (DEI) coach and gained experience with social and emotional learning, program development, and working with disenfranchised students in need of additional support.

Lindsey has been able to transfer many of her teaching skills to her work here. “Project work is so directly related to teaching — being able to read individual people and groups with their own ideas and opinions, and helping them move towards a goal or an objective. The relationship-building and trust that you need with clients is very similar to working with parents and families.” 

Lindsey deeply appreciates the culture at Creation in Common. “A lot of employers will pay lip service to being a family, but it often doesn’t feel that way. This is the first place I’ve worked that said ‘We trust you. We care about you because you’re a human and you work with us.’ That was kind of a revelation to me.” 

She’s also happy to be part of a workplace where she can still make a difference and where she can learn about many different sectors. “At Creation in Common I have my eyes opened in a way that I wouldn’t have if I were working for just a single nonprofit. Getting to work one-on-one with our clients, the people who are leading these organizations… they care so much about doing a good job for the people they serve. In today’s world, that’s very soul nourishing.”