This video is a brief excerpt from our Helping Your Board Tell Your Story webinar to assist you in your board development efforts.

In this webinar we covered how to shape a compelling story and help your board members find their voice.

In this excerpt, I go over the first two of the four resources board members need in order to be effective at telling your board’s story.  All four include:

– Experiences

– A Safe Environment to Share

– Opportunities to Create

– Laughter and Joy

This webinar covers an important component of Creation In Common’s board development framework — helping members engage in inspiring commitment and support for your organization’s efforts.

We will be in offering this webinar again in February, please go to our trainings page for more information. Also, don’t miss out on our new on-demand webinar – Branding Your Nonprofit Collaboratively or our upcoming webinar on December 14 – The Public Milestone Strategy.