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On May 23, we held a Free webinar on nonprofit strategic planning entitled The Public Milestone Strategy. Please click on the image or go here to view a recording and download the slides from this event. Please note, we ask folks to sign in. We will not send you anything via email, unless you opt in to our webinar announcements and resource updates.

Here is a brief description of the webinar:

Effective nonprofit strategic planning becomes the public’s roadmap for investment in your organization’s cause. It creates a vision for how you are going to enhance the value that you create for those you serve and those who support your work.  Here, goals are transformed into compelling public milestones that when articulated welcome the larger community to join your effort bringing their resources to bear on the issues and needs that you are striving to address.

This is an ideal workshop for nonprofit staff and board leadership considering or about to embark on a nonprofit strategic planning process. During this 45-minute webinar, you will learn the framework for constructing a Public Milestone Strategic Plan. By the end of the workshop, you will understand how you can use your long-range vision to forward your resource development and public engagement efforts.