We’re happy to introduce our project associate, Kallie Akinola, who joined us in July! Kallie onboards new clients and manages the schedules and deliverables for each of our projects, then analyzes our workload across the entire client portfolio and helps us set goals for each project. Kallie also serves as a co-facilitator for some projects, assisting with research, data collection, and prepraring reports.

An Arkansas native, Kallie earned her BA in English from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. After graduation, she worked for the University of Arkansas – Fayetteville for five years as an administrative supervisor, a data analyst, and finally as an assistant director on a research grant. During that time she also earned a Master’s in Public Administration, hoping to work with nonprofits. 

After spending three years managing capital improvement projects for a municipal government, Kallie’s new position has her back where she’s always wanted to be: working daily with nonprofit organizations. She appreciates Creation in Common’s “culture of empowerment” and values such as “seeing people in terms of their strengths and potential—each team member is a colleague; we’re all equal.” 

Kallie will work remotely from Rockwall, Texas, where she lives with her husband of one year, Olumide, and their dog Ollie.  She enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, birding, biking and hiking.