Kick Start CardI am heading off to the Dallas/Fort Worth Association of Fundraising Professionals Annual Conference today. On Friday, I will be giving a workshop on Framing the Ask: A Storytelling Approach to Individual Donor Fundraising. Instead of handing out pens with the Creation In Common logo on it, we are handing out small 4″X6″ packets called Kick-Start Your Story. Inside are full-color index cards with famous quotes on storytelling along with six questions to help you tell your nonprofit organization’s story. Here are the questions:

    Hero: What participant or supporter of your organization best illustrates the value of your work?

    Exposition: What was life like for your hero just prior to connecting with your organization?

    Inciting Incident: What was the moment your hero’s life began to change and what was the role your organization played in that transformation?

    Rising Action: What barriers did your hero face on his or her journey and how — with your organization’s help — did they overcome them?

    Moment of Truth: How did your hero’s situation change dramatically since engaging with your organization?

    Resolution: How can your audience join the effort?

If you are interested in receiving a packet (supplies are limited), please let us know at and in the subject line write: “Kick-Start Cards”.

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