You want to help your board members to engage around building influence and inspiring commitment for your organization? At your next board retreat, focus the conversation around these three key elements:

The shared passion the everyone on the board holds for the people you serve and the needs in the community you meet.

  • What are we each personally passionate about?
  • How do these passions connect to what the organization is trying to accomplish?
  • What stories can we share that illustrate the shared passion that drives the organization forward?

The shared promise everyone makes about the value you create and deliver for the public.

  • What are we best at?
  • Why is what we do both relevant and valuable?
  • What impact best illustrates the value we deliver?

The shared principles everyone invests in that guides how you do your work.

  • What is most unique about our work?
  • What beliefs do we share about our work?
  • How are we living up to our principles?
Once the board has answered these questions, ask them to individually write a description of the organization in their own words. Have them share it with one another. For guidance on how to frame a compelling message, view this short video.