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We foster the creation of complex collaborations that enhance public value and deepen community engagement. We create strategies that result in greater support and improved performance. Yet our real impact focuses on inspiring you and your colleagues to take action, change your current reality and move closer to the world you envision.


A smart-looking brand is only the beginning…

Brands are about people—sharing their ideas and working together for the greater good. That’s why we combine great creative with insightful strategy.

The brands we work on do more than inspire. They inform and promote democracy. They connect common beliefs that ignite action.

We do this by…

  • Creating brand identities and strategies that get to the heart of who you are.
  • Defining marketing approaches that engage your audiences.
  • Establishing print and online campaigns that express meaningful calls to action.


At a crucial stage in their brain development, Minnesota’s youth have nearly 2,000 hours of unstructured time each year. Over half of Minnesota parents struggle to find high-quality activities for their children to do when they are not in school. This issue becomes significantly worse for low-income and racially diverse families.

When Minnesota’s McKnight Foundation created an organization to address this problem, Creation In Common was selected to name it and establish a communications strategy. Through in-depth conversations with field leaders and young people, Youthprise emerged as the right choice to capture the intent and focus of this new effort. Today, the organization convenes the best thinkers in the field, provides funding to scale promising youth development initiatives, and plays a significant role in guiding statewide out-of-school time policy efforts.


Be relevant…

That’s why we help you understand where you really stand. Challenge the status quo and seek new ways of pursuing your mission in the most significant way.

We will take a deep dive into how your organization works. Understand how the world is changing around you. Help you advance your business model and maximize how human and financial resources are directed. The result is a shared focus, placing you at the center of community importance and making your vision a reality.

We do this by…

  • Understanding stakeholders’ needs and desires.
  • Defining impact goals that are meaningful to the public.
  • Creating strategic alignment between resources and daily operations.
  • Helping you measure progress in order to improve performance.


Only half of the students in college today will complete their degree. In the last 10 years, the cost of tuition at a four-year public institution has grown by over 60% and student debt has grown by over 30%. These daunting statistics are unacceptable to Scholarship America.

As the nation’s largest provider of scholarships, this organization has a long history of mobilizing citizens to help young people gain access to higher education. They engaged Creation In Common to help them transform their focus making educational completion a national priority. Together with board and staff leaders we designed strategies that will enable 750,000 students to complete their education over the next decade.

Board Development

Unlock your board’s potential…

Our approach transforms the board experience from passive oversight to active commitment, engages your board members in the strategic life of the organization, challenges them to consider the most important governance questions, and supports them in expressing their passion for the cause.

We do this by helping boards…

  • Define a shared vision.
  • Oversee the alignment of financial resources.
  • Inspire commitment among community stakeholders.
  • Evaluate and improve performance.


In recent years, The Dallas Theater Center’s ability to forge deep community partnerships has become an essential organizational asset. Artistic and educational collaborations have heightened the organization’s reputation and opened new opportunities for creative exploration. Creation In Common was engaged to help the Theater conceive of how a new board committee could amplify this effort. Together with board and staff leaders, we developed a logic model to clarify roles and define a connection between staff activities, expected outcomes, and the larger community impact everyone wanted to achieve. The result was a deep sense of purpose among all involved focused on building influence and creating public value.


Raise Together is a tested methodology that leverages individual strengths of board members, volunteers, and staff to power teams that achieve fundraising success. Visit our new website at

Raise Together incorporates three important steps:
Measure – Raise Together Strengths Tool – Identifying and understanding the strengths of your team members

Activate – Raise Together Coaching– Designing and implementing an inclusive process that utilizes everyone’s unique talents and abilities

Position – Raise Together Consulting – Customizing the work to fit your organization’s unique situation and fundraising objectives.

Use of this approach enables:
– Team members to recognize unique skills and capabilities
– Volunteers to move away from acting along to working together
– Development staff utilizing time more effectively
– A more equitable framework that includes everyone across the organization


• A sample Strengths Tool Individual Report

• A sample Strengths Tool Organizational Report

Capital campaign or annual fund drive, Raise Together is customized to meet your organization’s unique situation.

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