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  I have launched a new Scoop.It site curating the topic… Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector. Here you will find recent news, articles, resources and examples of how different communities are innovating in the area of collaboration and collective action. To date, I have posted stories talking about… why nonprofit storytelling won’t be […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: This has some great resources. I particularly like the Grantmakers for Effective Organization’s report on Working Better Together – Building Nonprofit Collaborative Capacity See on

If you ever been to Lanesboro, MN then you have more than likely been to the Commonweal Theatre Company. Hailed as one of the nation’s best rural theater companies, the Commonweal continuously produces excellent work that is both compelling and entertaining.  In this webinar conversation with executive director Hal Cropp, we explore the organization’s unique […]

Shared Creativity Manifesto – 2014

POSTED ON December 31, 2013

  I. When our consciousness enters, space is permanently altered. This happens when an actor crosses the stage, the writer puts pen to paper, or the composer strikes a cord. This also happens when the scientist makes a connection, the businessperson observes a trend, or the software engineer twists some code. What once was is […]

This webinar was originally broadcast on November 19, 2013. In it, we cover an approach to board fundraising training that identifies three basic steps organization’s can take. Here is the webinars full description: Key to diversifying your organization’s base of support is motivating your Board of Directors to play an active role in raising money. […]

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