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By Carlo Cuesta   Dear Fellow Undead Board Member: A flesh-eating zombie doesn’t know any better, its does what other zombies do—it eats people. As an undead board member, I don’t know any better either. I listen and react, I approve budgets I know very little about, help set the occasional policy, and volunteer where […]

Dynamic Duos

POSTED ON October 22, 2014

By Anne Jin Soo Preston Earlier this summer I was listening to a radio segment featuring the accomplishments of famous leaders. The host of the segment specifically noted that even though we knew all about what these famous leaders contributed, often what we didn’t know is that they were actually one half of a “duo.” […]

  Recently, I broke a shoelace. I pulled the unbroken lace out of my other shoe and took a quick look at it to estimate its length. The lace looked like it was 16 to 18-inches long. That’s when I stopped myself. I knew my mind had played a trick on me. In the past, […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector“Technology turns an age-old concept into an exciting new strategy for encouraging better behavior.” Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: “Used in organizations or communities, they can help groups work together to take on more daunting challenges. In short, the feedback loop is an age-old strategy revitalized by […]

See on – Creativity and Collaboration in the Nonprofit Sector “Creating Culture: Promising Practices of Successful Movement Networks The Nonprofit Quarterly They can deploy a diverse array of assets and strategies, enabling advocates to amass political power, scale up impact, and win—both in the policy arena…”   Carlo Cuesta‘s insight: Fantastic article with great […]

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